Fresh Pappardelle with Scallops – I love eating at home.

Sorry I’ve disappeared off the face of this blog.  My family was in town so I was busy eating with them (yay more blogging content!*).  I like to keep somewhat of a schedule for blogging… it’s kind of like running.  The more you do it, the more you enjoy it and want to keep doing it.  Once you stop… it’s so hard to start again.  So here I am, starting again, after a one week hiatus.

I have more Vegas restaurants to post from my recent trip but I will publish them later… thinking about Vegas makes me tired.  That place is seriously draining… draining physically, mentally, and on my wallet.  After all hardcore restaurant binges, I seriously just want to eat at home all week.  Here is a home cooked meal I made for LAW and I after my parents left this weekend.

My mom bought me a pound of fresh scallops and fresh handcut pappardelle from Eataly (among other things… she really tried to stock my fridge with things I only buy on “special occasions” … ah she spoils me :D).  I tried to look up some recipes but was uninspired so decided to just wing it and create something of my own.  Tomatoes?  Always.  I was in the mood for corn… why not?  I sauteed three juicy plum tomatoes and corn in butter and olive oil until the tomato skins began to curl.  I added sugar, salt, basil, rosemary, black pepper, and a little corn starch to thicken the sauce (is that cheating?).  While the sauce was simmering, I started with the scallops and LAW helped me cook the pappardelle.  I had already gently washed the scallops, removed the weird muscle that they have attached to them, patted them dry, and seasoned them with lemon, salt, and black pepper.  I heated up a pan with plenty of butter and dropped the scallops in for about a minute or two… until the bottom was perfectly seared.  I flipped the scallop and cooked for another minute or so and set them aside.  Pappardelle was ready at this point, perfectly al dente (good job, Noodle Master).  I tossed it in with the sauce and divided it up on our plates.  I plopped the scallops on top and that was that!  Dinner was served. Don’t worry, we had salad too.  I can’t live without veggies.  It turned out that the corn added a really nice sweetness that complimented the natural sweetness from the scallops.  We were out of garlic…. otherwise a bit of fresh garlic at the end would’ve made this yummier.

We had extra scallops so I decided to fry up some bacon and make bacon wrapped scallops on the side.  Everything tastes better with a little extra bacon fat.




Ever since I decided I would be more consistent with this blog, I find that I am always on the lookout for good “blogging content.”  I love to eat and try new places so I have never felt like I needed to go somewhere for the sake of blogging… but I definitely perk up and get excited when someone suggests a quirky new place because I know it will be fun to write about.

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