Fish, a seafood shack in the West Village

280 Bleecker St
(between Jones St & Commerce St)
New York, NY 10014


At the recent Rosa Mexicano Blogger Tasting Event, I met someone who was obsessed with Fish.  He compared it to one of my favorite restaurants of ALL TIME, Pearl Oyster Bar, and said that he even preferred Fish because it was more gritty and shack-like.  I’ve tried almost all of Pearl Oyster Bar’s competitors, primarily for lobster rolls, and so had to try Fish.  I already knew that it wouldn’t be as good as Pearl because I am loyal and Pearl is the best, but could it be nearly as good?  

Before checking out this place, I read up on it and knew I had to get the Red, White and Blue, which is 6 blue point oysters and a glass of house wine or PBR beer for $8.  Not only is it a great deal, offered at all times of the day (I sound like an infomercial…), the quality of the blue points are supposed to be superior to the typical $1 happy hour oysters.  I love oysters and wine so this had my name all over it.  I would have to agree that these oysters are pretty damn good.  They were just slightly briny and sweet in the aftertaste.  Tasted very fresh.

LAW ordered the Cat FIsh Dinner ($20) which included a blackened or fried (blackened in this case) long fillet of cat fish, hush puppies, and collard greens (which we replaced with creamed spinach).  The fish was pretty damn good.  It was extremely flavorful on the outside and the center was mild and sweet, preserving the natural goodness of fresh fish.  With a little squirt of lemon… mmmmhmmm… so good.  This was my first time trying hush puppies actually, and it was quite a disappointment.  The corn bread was very, VERY dry. I felt like I was eating a rock that crumbles.  Creamed spinach was extremely creamy, as you can tell by the fact that it was pretty much a soup.

I ordered the Down East Lobster Feast (market price was only $22!) which included a whole 1 and 1/14 pound Maine lobster, steamers on the side, corn on the cob, and fries (see first photo).  You definitely get a lot for what you pay here.  The lobster was delicious, extra sweet and buttery when dipped in the melted butter.  Steamers were very mediocre and did not taste as fresh as the cat fish or lobster.  Corn was great!  Fries were great!  Price was great!

Overall, I think Fish does a great job keeping prices low while serving up some pretty fresh seafood.  It’s funny that they are known for oysters and lobsters when they are called Fish (and Pearl Oyster Bar is known for its lobster roll…).  Why can’t restaurants make it easier for everyone by calling themselves what they make best?  So much confusion!  I guess that’s why you have people like me who bother to blog about our experiences so you hopefully don’t make ordering mistakes.

Is Fish comparable to Pearl?  PSHHHHHHH!!!!!  Please.  Both lobster and fish did not compare to Pearl.*




*Okay okay okay… prices are lower at Fish and it does feel much more like an “authentic fish shack” blah blah blah … as the Chinese say, 一分钱一分货, or a penny for a penny’s worth.

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