I present to you a list of my NYC favorites, in no particular order.  This is a list that will continually grow as new restaurants/dishes make the list and old ones get bumped out.  Some of these places may not have reviews yet but not to worry, the reviews will come!

-updated on March 30, 2014

Pearl Oyster Bar – Lobster Roll, Whole Fish

Totto Ramen – Vegetable Ramen, Spicy Ramen, Char Siu Mayo Don, Avo Tuna

Xi’an Famous Foods – Beef “Zha Jiang” Hand Pulled Noodles, lamb and pork burgers, dou hua (tofu)

Henan Flavor – Stewed Pork Pancake

Robataya – Miso Cod, all the veggies (particularly the zucchini)

Banh Mi Saigon – Meatball Banh Mi, Spicy Pork Banh Mi

Shake Shack – Shack Burger, Fair Shake

Peter Luger Steakhouse– Porterhouse Steak, BACON

Luzzo’s – Campana Pizza

Kung Fu Tea – Original milk tea (30% sweetness) with grass jelly instead of tapioca

Parisi Bakery – Meatball Sub (Still waiting to try their chicken parm!  They run out before I get there… every time.)

Ess-A-Bagel – Egg and Cheese on Whole Wheat Everything Bagel

Two Little Red Hens – Banana Cupcake

Birdbath Bakery – Oatmeal Cookie, Coconut Cookie

Eataly – Prime Rib Sandwich





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