EONS: The Greek Chipotle

633 2nd Ave (34th St)
New York, NY 10016

Chipotle… meets the Greek Gods and makes Greek babies. And by babies I mean food. And by Chipotle makes Greek food I mean a restaurant called Eons copied Chipotle’s healthy/fastfood model and made a Greek version of it. And it was deeeeeliicioussss!

EonsEONS just opened up not too long ago in the land of the bros (Murray Hill). Like Chipotle, you choose a base (pita, rice, or salad), pick your protein (chicken, lamb, steak, pork, shrimp, salmon, or octopus – lots of options!), pick your sides (gigante beans, lentil salad, beet salad, etc.), add a spread (tzadziki, eggplant, hummus, garlic spread, etc.), then add as many salad-y things you want (cucumber, tomatoes, olives, etc.). Other than the seafood proteins, your meal will cost less than $10.

And your meal will look beautifully colorful like this. Here I ordered the brown rice base with slow roasted pork (very juicy and soft), EONS salad (which includes farro, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, and parsley), beet salad, olives, and roasted baby eggplant spread. The meal was filling yet light, flavorful but not too salty. My body felt amazing after. All the ingredients are just┬ávery fresh and simple – something I’ve loved about Greek food but was never able to access it so easily and quickly as from EONS.

LAW got the pita base with chicken, various salads (can’t remember), and tzadziki (yogurt, garlic, cucumber, and dill). It felt like I actually got more food with my rice base but the pita was really tasty too. It was essentially a gyro. Soft, fluffy pita filled with tender grilled chicken and a variety of greens. Tzadziki sauce was very, very flavorful and garlic-y. Only have if you have gum or don’t intend to socialize after.

They also have these housemade sauces on the side. The left is a roasted tomato sauce, which tasted amazing with my rice. The right is a mango habanero sauce – also delicious.

Highly recommend EONS for lunch. Portions are generous. Everything is extremely fresh. Pork and chicken both felt much lighter and healthier than Chipotle’s versions. Service is great (and fast). Your meal is guaranteed to be super balanced (broteins, veggies, grains, woo!). I can’t wait to try all the other protein options. Yelp says the octopus is standout!

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