Egg and Tomato, a homely meal (re-post)

This week has been busier than usual. I suck for not posting and I feel terrible about it. I’m going to suck even more after this because I am going to re-post a blog post from earlier this year when I made Egg and Tomato noodles for myself. It’s one of those weeks where I just miss home and crave homely foods, such as these noodles. Here is my post from March, 2012:

Still sick in bed.  I have very little energy today so I am going to repost a photo and add the recipe for it.  Egg and Tomato (鸡蛋炒西红柿) is a classic Chinese dish that every household makes when in need of a quick and simple dish.  It’s like the tomato sauce and pasta for Chinese families.  I’d like to think this is a pretty healthy meal; you have your carbs, veggies/fruits, and protein.  I crave this right now in my sickly state but would need to buy tomatoes to make this… reminder to self: ALWAYS HAVE TOMATOES IN THE FRIDGE. edit: NEVER STICK TOMATOES IN THE FRIDGE!  There’s a Z-3 compound in tomatoes that pretty much dies when it’s forced to live in cold environments.  Without that compound, the tomato apparently loses most of its flavor, shrivels up, and becomes watery and grainy – GROSS.  I can’t believe I’ve been making this mistake all these years.  Thanks, S.V.L. for the pointers!

Recipe (as usual, measurements are approximate because I never measure when cooking Chinese food*):


2 eggs per person
1 tomato per person, cubed
Scallions for garnish (didn’t include in photo)
Garlic, minced
Canola Oil
Sesame Oil
Cooked rice/noodles


1. Heat oil in wok until sides begin to smoke (oil helps to make the eggs light and fluffy… so be a little generous here)

2. Crack eggs and throw in hot oil.  Break up the yolk and let sit for 20 seconds.  Add a bit of salt to taste.  Flip eggs and stir fry for a couple more seconds.  I like cooking eggs this way because once the whites are ready, the yolk is in its perfect glowing yellow state (aka. slightly undercooked).

3. Remove eggs from heat and set aside.

4. Add canola oil again to wok.  Throw in tomatoes and cook for a couple minutes until tomato skin begins to peel on its own.  Add some water for more sauce.

5. Add garlic, sugar, and salt to taste.

6. Throw in the eggs and stir fry for less than 30 seconds (don’t overcook your fluffy eggs!).

7. Serve over rice or noodles with scallion garnish.


this is why, as a kid, I loved eating at my friends’ homes.  Every family’s dishes tasted different, even if they were the same classic homemade dishes.

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