Shi’s Kitchen: Easiest, Tastiest, Homiest Egg Tofu Recipe

Egg TofuEgg tofu is one of my favorite things in the world. And that’s only a slight exaggeration. For some reason, I haven’t seen it any any restaurants in Manhattan. Why isn’t anyone making this? Well, I took the matter into my own hands and have been making this version of egg tofu for years now. It’s delicious. Simple. And reminds me of home. Not much more you can ask for in life.


  • 2 tubes of egg tofu (Yes, they come in tubes. No, it’s not gross. You can find at HK Supermarket)
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 2 longhorn peppers
  • 1-2 stalks of scallions
  • 0.5 pounds of ground pork (about a fist size)
  • chili bean paste 豆瓣酱 (which I also use in my Braised Chili Fish and Yu Xiang Eggplant)

Egg Tofu
First slice the egg tofu into half inch slices and pan fry each side until golden. Takes about a minute per side.

Egg Tofu
Remove from heat.

Egg Tofu
In the same pan, sauté the ground pork.

Egg Tofu
After the pork is mostly browned, add the scallions, garlic, and longhorn peppers. Cook for a minute or two until your kitchen smells glorious.

Egg Tofu
Add a large spoonful of the chili bean paste. Cook for another few minutes and add salt to taste.

Egg Tofu
Add in the egg tofu and cook until tofu has absorbed all the juices.

Egg TofuServe with a bowl of rice! 

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