Cracker Pizzas from Posto, not QQ but a nice change.

310 2nd Ave
(between 18th St & 19th St)
New York, NY 10003


If you read my blog, you’ll know that I am a diehard Luzzo’s fan when it comes to pizza (and are probably annoyed with my constant referral to it).  Though, as a pizza-lover with an open mind, I’m always willing to give other people’s favorites a try.  That beautiful piece of work up there is what Posto calls the Shroomtown, a medley of portobello, shitake, button mushrooms, and white truffle oil over a light coat of marinara and cheese.  It could have used more truffle oil (always use more truffle oil) but otherwise was an amazing fungi experience.  I find that real Italian pies have very great but sparse ingredients.  It usually makes me appreciate that one cherry tomato or basil leaf much more.  Posto, on the other hand, really piles on their toppings … in a very American way – excess x 10!  When excess is in the same sentence of mushrooms, I’m all for it.

This is the Salsiccia Dolce, which includes sweet italian sausage, caramelized onions, fresh basil, marinara sauce and cheese.  As you can see from this photo, Posto’s pizza crust is very thin, so thin that this thickness at any other restaurant would probably cause the pizza to become soggy and … well, flaccid.  Posto’s crust is luckily very crisp at the bottom and so manages to keep the pizza in full form throughout your dining experience.  It is a little less cracker-like than Otto’s pizza but does not have the same chewiness as Luzzo’s pizza (understandably due to how thin it is).  I will say that Posto’s toppings are incredible.  They not only use the freshest and most robustly flavored toppings, but they also give you a ton of them on each pie.

This is the Formaggio Bianco, aka. four cheeses (mozzarella, grana padano, pecorino, and ricotta) with bechamel sauce and arugula.  The cheese was a bit too heavy for me but I’m sure any cheese lover would drown in euphoric bliss with this pizza.  I loved that they added arugula and thought the bitterness of the veggie added in a nice crisp punch to the creamy toppings and sauce.

And of course, the classic marinara with tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil.  No fancy tricks here.  The sauce is a little bland compared to Luzzo’s amazing marinara recipe but was decent enough.  Tomatoes also lacked a bit of flavor and had a slight grainy texture – perhaps they refrigerated their tomatoes?

Alas, Luzzo’s still wins.  Their crust is unbeatable… so fluffy and QQ (chewy in Chinese).  Though, I would definitely come back to Posto because they have a nice location, are accommodating to large parties, are different from Luzzo’s (I go to Luzzo’s way too often anyway), and have a great Shroomtown and Salsiccia Dolce pizza.


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