Comme Ci Comme Ça, Mediterranean/Moroccan Food Truck

Comme Ci Comme ÇaComme Ci Comme Ça
52nd and Park Ave

As much as I love to eat and try new foods, weekday lunch is usually my time to cleanse my palate. My favorite lunch spot is Chop’t and nine times out of ten, I’ll get half kale half mesclun mix, cherry tomatoes, corn, crumbled egg (makes the salad a tinge creamy), and sunflower seeds. I alternate between the Chop’t Mexican Goddess dressing, which is a jalepeno, cilantro, and avocado dressing, and my own concoction of half a lemon’s worth of lemon juice, EVOO, salt, and pepper. I always ask for extra bread because the salad on its own isn’t enough to last me. Anyway, my coworkers have been trying to organize lunches more so I’ve been tagging along occasionally. We recently picked up some Mediterranean/Moroccan food at Comme Ci Comme Ça, a food truck often parked in Midtown. The wait was about 20 minutes, pretty ridiculous for lunch, but promising for a satisfying meal.

Comme Ci Comme Ça
This is what D.Z. got: The Cous Cous Royal ($12), which includes all the meats (lemon chicken, beef, kofta, and merguez) on a bed of fluffy cous cous made with vegetable stock. All the cous cous platters come with an assortment of roasted vegetables (think eggplants, zucchini, squash, pumpkin…)

Comme Ci Comme Ça
On the opposite end of the spectrum, E.D. ordered the Vegetarian Cous Cous ($8), which is just more roasted veggies over the same cous cous. You get to pick two out of four sauces: Spicy Andalusian Sauce (red chili peppers, olive oil, lemon juice), Green Olive Sauce (light mayo base, green olives, olive oil, lemon juice, blend of spices), Spicy Mint (green chili peppers, mint, yogurt, blend of spices), and Casablanca Sauce (light mayo base, olive oil, lemon juice, blend of spices). 

Comme Ci Comme Ça
A.P. ordered the Merguez Brochette ($8), which is essentially Merguez Cous Cous but with caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, green peppers, and green olives instead of the normal veggies, and bread instead of the cous cous. A.P. was not impressed with the bread but seemed to enjoy the fillings. I think cous cous, though $2 extra, would’ve been a better order.

Comme Ci Comme Ça
I ordered the Lemon Chicken Cous Cous ($9), which was fantastic. I chose both the green sauces, the Green Olive and Spicy Mint, because olives and mint are rarer in my diet. I also was able to get a little spice and a little cream from the mayo base. To my deeeelight, the spicy sauce was actually quite spicy. I’m generally unimpressed with hot sauces here, especially when most of the diners are young white professionals in Express suits and liberal arts educations (okay, I judge, and looking back, most of these YWPs I speak of ordered the Casablanca sauce…), but the Spicy Mint was hot and fresh. It went really well with the creamy olive sauce and gave my surprisingly moist chicken a little personality.

Comme Ci Comme Ça
Here’s a close-up of my chicken. Not bad? Definitely pretty darn good for a food truck. Portions are also quite large, which is good for your buck but bad for afternoon food coma at work.

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