Comfort Found in Meatballs: The Meatball Shop

170 Bedford Ave
(between 8th St & 7th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

I hope you’ve been here already by now. There really is no excuse. It’s cheap. It’s hip. It’s healthy and unhealthy as you want it to be. I’ve blogged about The Meatball Shop before, but my old camera didn’t do it justice. If you’re looking to spend less than $15 for delicious, unpretentious, hearty food, The Meatball Shop should be on the top of your list.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe menu is sort of confusing if it’s your first time. There are five types of meatballs (beef, spicy pork, chicken, veggie, and special-of-the-day), six sauces (tomato, spicy meat, mushroom, parm. cream, pesto, and special-of-the-day), and essentially four ways to eat them:

  1. Plain with sauce and bread (four meatballs per serving, $7)
  2. As sliders (one meatball per slider, $3)
  3. In a sandwich of some sort (two to three meatballs per serving, $9-$10)
  4. Over a bed of whatever vegetables the chef feels like giving you (three meatballs per serving $10)

There are also sides that you can pair your balls with, such as spaghetti, roasted greens, risotto, etc. These sides can go under your balls of next to your balls. You can mix and match as you like. That’s pretty much it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the classic beef balls with tomato sauce ($7) and a side of spaghetti ($5) underneath. Oh, there’s also the choice of having the family jewels ($1), a fried egg over your balls. Expect soft but slightly springy balls (none of that hard nor mushy shiet), fresh tomato sauce, and al dente spaghetti.

These are the chicken balls with creamy mushroom sauce ($7) over creamy risotto ($5). Cream on cream on cream.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALAW and I both like to get our sides on the side. I think it’s cause it makes us feel like we have more food. Also cause the foods don’t contaminate each other. Two of my favorite sides to order are the market salad ($5 – above) and the rigatoni ($ – below). The market salad is always incredibly fresh. They always give you that leafy-greens-hand-picked-from-the-farmer’s-market-this-afternoon satisfaction. My favorite salad is the one I blogged about before: butter lettuce, almonds, radicchio, sunchoke, clementines, and sherry vinaigrette.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARigatoni = the definition of al dente. Any time I try to get my own pasta as firm as these babies, they turn out raw. Somehow, the Meatball Shop manages to cook them through while keeping the firmness and chewiness of the pasta.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast but not least, actually my favorite thing to order on the menu, is the Everything But The Kitchen Sink ($10). It comes with three balls of your choice, sauce of your choice, and veggies of the chef’s choice. Every time I go it’s a different array of cooked and raw veggies that come together in a hot healthy mess. I like adding the family jewels because the yolk just melds everything together. You get all your veggies for the day in, and a solid amount of protein. A+ meal.

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