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Monkey Chocolates by Godiva

I interrupt my Hawaiian adventures with a brief commercial break. My favorite holiday, Lunar New Year, is coming up in just two weeks and Godiva was gracious enough to send me their Lunar New Year Collection again this year. I’ve been lucky enough to have sampled their last two LNY Collections as well as one of their Mid-Autumn Festival ones (see my posts on Year of the Goat and Horse aaaand Mid-Autumn Festival).

I must say, this year’s collection just might be the best one yet.

First, a little bit about why I love LNY. LNY is basically Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years combined into one glorious holiday. Families fly, train, bus all across the country to be with each other and, like Thanksgiving, eat. A LOT. My family typically does a huge meal for dinner and then ANOTHER entire new meal (no repeated dishes allowed) after midnight as the first meal of the New Year. Like Christmas, the older generation gives the younger generation red envelopes filled with $$$$$$$. Chinese people are very practical. You can then use that money to buy whatever you want. No fears of getting that sweater from mom you’ll never wear. (Okay but truthfully I do love a thoughtful gift >>>> $$). Like New Years, fireworks and firecrackers go off all across the country to “scare away” any bad luck. It’s the best of all three holidays combined. OH and I forgot – in China, everyone gets an ENTIRE WEEK OFF. That’s right, even the stock markets shut down for a few days. It’s beautiful.

GodivaOkay, back to chocolate. Every year, Godiva’s chocolate masters create three (dark, milk, and white) limited edition “ganache pieces” filled with Asian inspired flavors. This year, the flavors are:

  • Dark Chocolate Green Tea: “Luscious hazelnut praline coated in white chocolate ganache infused with green tea, covered in alluring 50% dark chocolate”
  • Milk Chocolate Pu-erh Tea: “Delectable macadamia praline with cocoa nibs surrounded by mellow, 64% Peruvian dark chocolate infused with aged pu-erh tea, coated in smooth milk chocolate”
  • White Chocolate Oolong Tea: “A center of sumptuous pecan and hazelnut praline with crunch soy nuts enveloped by 71% Ecuadorian dark chocolate infused with aromatic Oolong tea, covered in silky white chocolate”

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Celebrate Lunar New Year with Godiva!

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
I’m the luckiest girl alive. Lunar New Year is possibly my favorite holiday of the year and GODIVA SENT ME CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Godiva has honored my favorite holiday with a limited edition Year of the Goat gift box. I was lucky enough to receive the Mid-Autumn Festival “mooncakes” from Godiva last year, which were deeeelicious. I was very much looking forward to another collection of Belgian chocolates with Asian flavors. This is one type of fusion I can stand by.

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
Similar to the Mid-Autumn Festival box, this box showcased three special chocolates: one dark, one milk, and one white.

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
There were also some other classic Godiva chocolates along with the mix. Only six lucky goats (choose who’d you like to share with wisely).

Godiva Lunar New Year Collection
For this blog post, I’m featuring the lucky goats.  Continue reading Celebrate Lunar New Year with Godiva!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Now eat some mooncakes with Godiva.

Godiva Mooncakes
Out of every 10 people I know, maybe half a person actually likes mooncakes. It’s a rare occasion these days where people actually eat mooncakes because they like them, and not just for the holiday. Today is Mid-Autumn festival. Feel free to read the wiki on what the holiday actually is, but for me, it has always been the day I had to eat dense, incredibly sweet mooncakes.

Godiva Mooncakes
Godiva has come up with a limited edition of mooncakes for this holiday and very graciously sent a box over for me to sample!

Godiva Mooncakes
The “mooncakes” aren’t actually mooncakes at all. They are actually just chocolates that are cleverly labeled as “small mooncakes.” I’m saving the big one in the center (Grapefruit and Black Tea) for later, but sampled the other three types. All of them are filled with some kind of tea-infused chocolate ganache. Continue reading Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Now eat some mooncakes with Godiva.

Blog Crush: Garance

I seriously have a blog-crush on Garance.  Her writing style is so honest, adorable, and hysterical.  I will actually giggle out loud in my seat from some of her posts.  Fashion also magically becomes more tangible and accessible for everyone because her writing is so not pretentious nor intimidating.  Her focus is fashion but she also writes about women in fashion and their amazing achievements.  In fact, most of her posts include a series of photos of a woman and then a post about how awesome that woman is.  I’m all about celebrating our achievements.  She sometimes goes on tangents and will include her thoughts on random things… such as food.  She just posted about an article she read in Vogue about the fight against obesity and other complex relationships we have with food.


“I ended up realizing that a lot of women are dieting most of the year, without really saying or even being conscious of it. And for a certain number of them, it starts to blur the lines with a perpetual anorexia, a somewhat not very healthy juggle between fasting, juicing and green tea. I wonder what the result will be after yeaaaaaars of that “good” malnutrition. It’s tragic, and seeing as so much of this goes unsaid, there’s no way to help.” – Garance


Well written as usual, Garance.  I think she hit it spot on.  There’s always someone at the dinner table who is dieting or indulging-and-dieting-tomorrow.  Though it is of course important to eat healthy and exercise, the constant guilt that comes along with any sort of indulgence is unhealthy.  Because so much of this really does go unsaid, learning to speak to yourself positively is so much more important – and not just in terms of food and health. Continue reading Blog Crush: Garance