Bouchon Bakery: Lemon Tart and more

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Cir, 3rd Floor
(between W Central Park & Broadway)
New York, NY 10019


Bouchon apparently means “stopper” in French.  Not quite what I was expecting out of such a pretty word.  Bouchon?  Bouchon.  I could say it all day.  Boooo-shaaaungg.  Beautiful, just beautiful.


This lemon tart was equally beautiful.  The crust was not too sweet and was crumbly, which is only ever good when it is a crust (crumbly cookies?  No, thank you.).  The gooey lemon center was probably more tart than expected but only because I always tend to prepare myself for the worst: overly sweet pastries.  Why would you get a lemon tart if you wanted something super sweet?  Bouchon understands me.  The tart was very lemony, creamy, and had a nice sharp zest to it.  The top was covered with a  fluffy marshmallow meringue.  

I also had the grilled cheese (fontina & gruyere) with tomato soup combo:
and the braised rib sandwich:
Grilled cheese was fantastic.  Brioche bread was cut into a nice thick slice and perfectly grilled.  Tomato soup was nothing special.  The combo was overall a pretty flawless meal.  Braised rib sandwich looked interesting and yummy but was not as tasty.  The beet slices were very pungent and shielded all the other flavors.  The sandwiches were all >$10 too, which, sadly, in my books, means it is NOT worth it.  I’ll tell you about a sandwich that is worth it soon… it’s from a little place near Boston called Dave’s Fresh Pasta.

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