Big Wong King: a place for a fast meal of Canto BBQ and congee

Big Wong KingBig Wong King (between Canal and Bayard St)
67 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013

After buying my groceries from HK Supermarket (you can check out my grocery list here, where I can average $2.33 per dinner per head), I always grab a meal somewhere nearby before heading back home. Most recently, I went with my mom to Big Wong King just south of Canal Street. I read that their BBQ is supposed to be pretty fantastic.

Big Wong King We started with Pork Congee (or porridge) with Thousand Year Old Egg (aka. preserved duck egg) ($4.00). This is one of my favorite congees to get. The egg, as gross as it may sound to those who have never had it, is super tasty and adds a lot of savory flavor to the congee.

Big Wong KingCongee here was nice and thick. Not too salty. Would be great for a rainy or sick day. Bowl was much larger than it looks because I don’t have a comparison. It was about the size of a large ramen bowl.

Big Wong KingIt was already after 8pm when we got to the restaurant, so they were out of the chicken and roast pork. We settled for a plate of roast duck ($5.50). The duck was good, but not amazing. Skin was not as crisp as it could be. Meat was flavorful, but mostly through the soy sauce that was poured over it. Soy sauce was way too salty so the pieces soaking at the bottom required large amounts of rice to wash it down. The cuts of duck were huge and very filling. My mom and I barely finished half of it.

Big Wong KingWe also ordered my favorite fried rice dish: Salted Fish with Diced Chicken Fried Rice ($9.00). Again, the dish was much larger than it looks here. I think we had these leftovers twice before it was gone. I loveeeeeee this fried rice so much. If you like anchovies on your pizza, you’ll love salted fish in your rice.

Big Wong KingTo round out the meal, we shared a plate of Fu Ru (fermented bean paste) Watercress (I believe $14). Vegetables are always the most expensive dishes at Chinese restaurants. Not really sure why. Fu Ru Watercress is a classic dish that every family has a version of. Big Wong King’s is a little watered down.

Big Wong King is a good place for a quick meal of comfort food. The pace is fast. People come and go. There are lots of single diners. Overall, not necessarily a disappointment, but also not a home run.

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