Bibble & Sip: An Alpaca Cafe with lots of matcha and lavender (and alpacas)

Bibble & Sip
Bibble & Sip
253 W 53rd St (8th Ave)
New York, NY 10019

J.S., my super trendy fashionista friend (check out her blog!) who also loves to eat and drink coffee, introduced me to Bibble & Sip. She had me at “alpaca.”

Bibble & SipBibble & Sip is a cute coffee shop in Hell’s Kitchen (I know, cute+coffee shop+Hell’s Kitchen almost never go together) that serves up lots of unique, delicious things like earl grey banana bread, pistachio cake, earl grey panna cotta, matcha latte, lavender lattes, etc. The theme seems to be tea-infused things…. yumz. It is also RANDOMLY alpaca themed.

Bibble & SipI spy with my little eye… an alpaca.

Bibble & Sip
I made R.Y. come check it out with me recently and we got these pretty cups of matcha latte and lavender latte. 

Bibble & Sip
The matcha latte making process is pretty legit. Lots of real matcha action going in there.

Bibble & Sip
The baristas meticulously “draw” alpacas on every latte. Clearly, the time is worth it because the alpaca art is the only reason that made me want to come. I saw a photo of their matcha latte and knew I needed to try this place.

Bibble & SipSo, alpacas aside, let me break down the actual foods for you. I tried the matcha latte, lavender latte, and earl grey banana bread. 

  • The matcha latte was, sadly, way too sweet. Despite having a rigorous looking matcha-latte-making process, the flavors fell sort of flat. The matcha wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be, which might be because the sugars masked it all.
  • The lavender latte was… not as good as the matcha latte, in that the coffee base wasn’t really great coffee to begin with. It was also very sweet, though I liked the lavender flavor. It’s like a sugary Starbucks drink in that it’s tasty in a sweet, kiddy way, and not in a true I<3Coffee kind of way.
  • The earl grey banana bread was actually great! I loved that they left bigger chunks of banana in the bread. The tea was also infused very well into every bite. It was not too greasy but also moist.

All in all, quality of stuff seemed meh, but worth coming to just for novelty’s sake. Maybe try asking for less sugar in your matcha latte and the true matcha can shine through? Maybe you love sugar more than I do (HIGHLY possible because I’m not a sugar lover) and you might actually love this place?

Oh, and seating is sort of weirdly designed in that the space is pretty huge but the seating pretty limited. Definitely not a place to come and study/read/do work. Come to catch up with a friend and instagram pretty cups of lattes.

3 thoughts on “Bibble & Sip: An Alpaca Cafe with lots of matcha and lavender (and alpacas)

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your website for some time now
    and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from
    Dallas Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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