Apartment 13: Japanese, Caribbean, and American

Apartment 13 Apartment 13
113 Loisada Ave (Ave C and 7th Street)
New York, NY 10009

I was lucky enough to meet CutiePatroller last week over dinner at Apartment 13. CutiePatroller is a NYC food blogger recently started working for Tabelog. Tabelog is a review site curated by other food bloggers. The idea is that the reviews you read will be of higher quality and will contain better photos so you can make a more informed decision. You might remember, but I was a judge for Tabelog a while ago for one of their many restaurant awards. It was awesome to connect with CutiePatroller because a) I don’t really ever connect with other food bloggers and it’s great to learn about their processes and challenges; and b) she’s super cool and fun AND has had her own little boutique clothing store (Cutie Room) in NoHo. Needless to say, I had a great time! Now onto the food!

Apartment 13
Apartment 13 serves up fusion Japanese, Caribbean, and American cuisine. It’s well rated on Yelp and sounded like it has interesting flavor combinations so I was pretty excited to try it. We started with Mimi’s Maryland Crabcake with coconut crema, sour mango, and scotch bonnet (don’t know what that is) ($13). $13 for a single crabcake is definitely on the pricier side. Given the price and that it was pretty mediocre, I wouldn’t recommend it. It came not cold nor hot, symbolic of our meal to come. At least it was packed with crab and not just filled with breading. 

Apartment 13
We also shared the Beer Steamed Clams ($13) with Kelso Pilsner, fresno pepper, ginger, and lemongrass. There was a LOT of ginger and lemongrass, which flavored the clam juice nicely but often was intrusive of my clams. Every other bite I would accidentally eat a ton of ginger and lemongrass instead of a clam. Again, the clams came neither cold nor hot. The side of bread was toasted so much that it was hard. Also wouldn’t recommend.

Apartment 13
The best dish of the night in my opinion was probably this Angry Bronzino (~$25). It must be relatively new to the menu because it isn’t up on their website yet. The fried fish had a sweet and sour glaze and came on top of a bed of broccolini. Loved the bitterness of the broccolini with the sweet and sour sauce. The crispy skin paired nicely with the flakey, tender fish. The fish was pretty huge too. Definitely the highlight of the night.

Apartment 13We also shared the Pozole & Chicharron ($23), which was a pork belly confit made with Del Maguey (mezcal I believe) over smoked tomato and fresh corn pozole and salsa verde. It was VERY heavy. Pork belly was at least half fat half lean meat. Portion was pretty huge considering how heavy it was. Only get if you are a huge fat lover and are super hungry for meat and nothing else.

Overall, I was disappointed with the food. Service was also EXTREMELY slow. The restaurant is new, but not that new, so there is no excuse for these kinds of inefficiencies (took a good 20 minutes to get our drinks).  

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