AMAZING Weekend Lunch Deal at Shabu Tatsu

Shabu Tatsu
Shabu Tatsu
216 E 10th St
(between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10003

I decided I love weekend lunches. Not brunches. But lunches. I love eggs but rarely feel that I’ll find a good enough eggs benedict to wait in line for… that being said, I recently found a place where I don’t have to wait in line.

I digress. Soba-Ya has always been a favorite of mine. LAW and I go almost every weekend for our weekly dose of delicious salmon sashimi, torched tuna, unagi over rice, and cold dipping soba. The price is just right, always under $20 each with tax and tip. Recently, we decided we had been going to Soba-Ya TOO much and decided to venture out to some other lunch deals in East Village.

Shabu TatsuWe searched Yelp and found Shabu Tatsu, which I always love going for dinner for Japanese hot pot. We found that they also have a weekend lunch menu that seemed too good to be true. They have these lunch sets that range from $12 to $14 and come with egg drop soup and salad. 

Shabu TatsuThe salad comes with the standard Japanese carrot ginger dressing. Always a favorite of mine.

Shabu TatsuEgg drop soup is different from Chinese egg drop soup, where the soup is usually slightly sweet. This Japanese version is a bit saltier, more peppery, and includes bean sprouts.

Shabu TatsuI ordered the Sukiyaki ($14), like hot pot but with all the ingredients in a flavored broth already (in hot pot, you are brought raw ingredients and a soup to boil everything in). Unlike the hot pot that Shabu Tatsu serves, where the soup is extremely light and you end up dipping your boiled goods in sauces, this bowl is cooked in a very flavorful broth, so no dipping sauces are involved.

Shabu TatsuAlso, LOOK at the amount of food that was brought to me for just $14. Incredible. Actually, it isn’t so much the volume of food that was impressive to me, but rather the diversity of food. The reason Chinese people share all the table’s dishes is because we like to have a little bit of everything. More tastes, more textures, more variety.

Shabu TatsuThe soup includes a nice, thin cut of beef, carrots, tofu, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, spring onions, and two types of noodles (vermicelli and regular). So much amazing stuff. It also comes with a bowl of rice.

Shabu TatsuIt came with these delicious side dishes: some bamboo thing, some cold greens, and unagi omelets.

Shabu TatsuH.W. got the Korean Spicy Pork Belly ($12). I didn’t get to try but he finished everything up. Given that Shabu Tatsu is know for its shabu (hot pot), I think I scored the best dish. Everything we great, though. I will definitely become a regular here on the weekends.

Shabu TatsuLAW got the Teriyaki Salmon ($13), which was unfortunately overcooked. 

Shabu Tatsu
Flavors were otherwise good. Not too sweet, nicely charred.

Shabu TatsuI think my order was definitely the winner (hence, all gone). It is a hot pot place after all. Must stick to the hot pot items. We actually came again recently, and all of us got the hot pot!

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